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EJ207 STi Engines

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JDM S80, Y80, M6HA, BAXA MAXA & MDMA Transmission(s) (73)

Accord F23A SOHC VTEC & F23A1 Engine(s) (32)

JDM Honda Parts (26)

Civic D15B VTEC & D16A VTEC Engine(s) (13)

Civic / RSX Type-R K20A DC5 Engine(s) (13)

CR-V B20B & B20Z Engine(s) (12)

Acura Integra Type-R B18C Spec-R DC2 Engine(s) (11)

Accord H23A DOHC VTEC OBD2 & H23A3 Non-VTEC (OBD1) Engine(s) (10)

Civic D16A/ZC SOHC, D16AY6 & D16AY7(1.6) Engine(s) (9)

Accord F20B DOHC VTEC (OBD2) Engine(s) (8)

Acura Integra Type-R B18C & B18C5 Engine(s) (8)

Civic / RSX / Accord K20A, K20A3 & K20B Engine(s) (8)

Prelude / Accord H22A DOHC VTEC (OBD1) & H22A1 Engine(s) (8)

Accord / Prelude F22B SOHC & DOHC F22B1 Engine(s) (8)

Civic D17A, D17A2, D17A6 VTEC, 1HG, 2HG, EM2 & ES2 Engine(s) (6)

Civic Type-R B16B Engine(s) (6)

Civic / Integra B16A 1st Gen (OBD0) Y1 Cable Transmission (6)

Civic D15B VTEC Engine(s) (6)

Acura TL / Honda Odyssey J30A, J32A, J35A & J35Z Engine(s) (5)

Acura Integra B18B OBD2 Engine(s) (5)

Prelude / Accord H22A DOHC VTEC (OBD2) & H22A4 Engine(s) (5)

Acura Integra B18C GSR (OBD1) Engine(s) (4)

Civic B16A 2nd Gen (OBD1) Engine(s) (4)

Accord / Prelude H22A Type-S Euro-R & H22A4 Engine(s) (4)

Acura Integra B18C GSR (OBD2), B18C1 & B18C4 Engine(s) (3)

Acura Legend / TL C32A & C32A1 Engine(s) (3)

Acura Integra B18B LS OBD1 Engine(s) (2)

Civic B16A 3rd Gen (OBD2) Engine(s) (2)

JDM Honda All Products (2)

JDM Honda Gauge Clusters (1)

B20A Engine(s) (1)

JDM F20C, S2000, F20C1 & S2K Engine(s) (1)

Accord / Prelude H22A Type-SH & H22A4 Engine(s) (1)

Civic ZC DOHC 1.6L Engine(s) (1)

Accord F22A Engine(s) (1)