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EJ207 STi Engines

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WRx 2002-2005 Motor EJ20 Turbo 2.0L AVCS Model Quad Cam Engine
Item ID: 2194
Model(s): WRX 02-05 (2.0L)
Serial number: B844997

PRICE: $ 1750.00 USD

Subaru WRX Zero Sports JDM Length JASMA Single Scroll Downpipe
Item ID: 2193
Model(s): Single Scroll Applications
Serial number: 2193

PRICE: $ 350.00 USD

Used Subaru Legacy EJ20Y Motor, Quad AVCS Turbo BP5 04-05 Engine
Item ID: 2192
Model(s): Legacy BP5 04-05
Serial number: C272805

PRICE: $ 1500.00 USD

Impreza WRX EJ205 2.0L Motor, Quad Cam AVCS 02-05 Turbo Model Engi
Item ID: 2191
Model(s): WRX 2002-2005
Serial number: B649241

PRICE: $ 1750.00 USD

Used Subaru TY755VB3AA Replacement 5MT Transmission for WRX 2005 w
Item ID: 2190
Model(s): USDM WRX 2005
Serial number: 2190

PRICE: $ 850.00 USD

Used Subaru WRX 2002-2005 5 Speed 5MT Manual Transmission USDM Rep
Item ID: 2189
Model(s): USDM WRX 2002-2005
Serial number: 2189

PRICE: $ 900.00 USD


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